5 Hiking Tips for the Beginner Backpackers

Backpacking tour is one of the most famous ways to explore many places to the young generations. Most of the youths of the western parts of the world want to spend a good time on backpacking and hiking in the mountains. In this case, one should have the BEST BACKPACK FOR TRAVEL because this will make the hiking very easy.

There are many things that a beginner hiker needs to know. Today, we will highlight the best 5 hiking tips for the beginner backpackers. The tips will always make the best hiking experience and give you immense skill.

Buy a Local Guide Book & Waterproof Map

A local guide book will always highlight the place where you are going for hiking with friends or alone. This is better to invite your friends for hiking because solo hiking is hard. The guidebook also provides you the best tips for the beginner backpacking tips. In addition, you will get a complete guideline about the weather patterns of the place and how to deal with the situation.
Moreover, you will need a waterproof map with indicator to get the right track in a short time. Make sure you are buying the waterproof map because raining will be the main problem during the hiking campaign. For that reason, waterproof feature will keep your map safe, and you can use it for a long time too!

Buy the Best Backpack for Travel

Backpack is the best component of the beginner backpackers for hiking. When you are buying the backpack, you should consider the right size for your height. Moreover, the structure, material and waterproof feature should be given top priority to have the best model.

Hike a Short Distance

Most of the beginner backpackers do not understand the importance of short distance hiking. In fact, the backpackers prefer for a long day hiking that make them tired and boring. When they return to the camp, they do not feel good. For that reason, you should always take only 3-5 miles to hike instead of having more than 10 miles of hiking.
You should make a short distance hiking experience. When you become experience of hiking, you can consider more distance. For long distance hiking, you need to have 20-30 minutes of break time.

Camp near Other Hikers

Camping near to other hikers will give you a good list of advices. The experienced hikers always become friendly and fond of beginners. Therefore, they will give you some free but valuable advice to spend a comfortable time. Moreover, you will feel safe in the middle of the forest when you camp near to other people. If you choose the right destination, you will easily get many hikers especially during the weekends.

Plan for Simple Meals

Whenever you are planning for hiking, you must need to have a good plan for each time meal too. Most of the beginner backpackers take many things for heavy duty cooking experience. However, this is not the right way to spend hiking days. In fact, you will need to choose the food items that only require boiling water.
Normally, the dehydrate mountain items can provide you good nutrients for two or three days of hiking. Moreover, you can take olive oil, salt and noodles with you in the camp too! You should not cook heavy foods, instead, you should cook that can satisfy your hunger and easy to clean.
These the top tips for beginner backpackers for hiking. Don’t forget your best backpack for travel or hiking, to pack the things properly. Otherwise, your hiking trip will go wrong and waste your full weekend.

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Experience Hanoi street food tour like locals do

Hanoi – the capital of a thousand-year culture. And there are many reasons to make Hanoi impress foreigners from the attractive destinations, unchanged characteristics of Hanoi Old Quarter like locals’ life, old houses, French colonial buildings to Vietnamese cuisines.

There is the place where most foreign tourists stay while in Hanoi is Hanoi Old Quarter. It is considered as the symbol of Hanoi tourism. What is expected to discover in the Old Quarter? Join hanoi street food tour.

One of the best ways to discover Hanoi Old Quarter and to understand Hanoi culture or Vietnamese culture in general is to get to do hanoi street food walking tour. It is like an ideal introduction to Hanoi.
We proudly proceed this meaningful activity in Hanoi like this hanoi street food tour.

Explore Hanoi street food culture

Hanoi street food tour is the special tour which you will discover reality Hanoi Old Quarter, join a walk pass winding old streets to know why we call “36 guild streets” or why the old houses here are very narrow? Why most the street names are started with “Hang”? While tasting amazing authentic Hanoi street food at local food shops with traditional dishes such as: Pho (chicken or beef noodle soup), Spring Rolls, egg coffee, rice crepes, pillow cake or enjoy draught beer at the most bustling corner in Hanoi Old Quarter – Ta Hien street. You will get to sample food that you have never tried before. All dishes we want to emphasize that Vietnamese foods are one of the most diverse one in the world. At each stop, we will experience like locals do. Sitting on small, low plastic chairs and a plastic table while trying food that not appear on normal tourist restaurants and listening the background about local lives, stories about the ingredients and the history of Hanoi’s food culture.Continue reading

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Vietnam and Southeast Asia Travel Guide

Southern Vietnam includes the area around Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. This region has a lot to offer to tourists including a tour around the modern city, a glimpse of rice fields and a fun day around the beach.

In southern Vietnam we trust company: Viet Fun Travel. With comprehensive tour of the salary and excellent quality, you will certainly find interesting when traveling in this area.

Here are the most prominent locations:

Ho Chi Minh City

ho chi minh city

Previously known as Saigon, the capital city of Ho Chi Minh was named after one of the greatest leaders of Vietnam. Today, the place is considered as the largest and the most crowded in the entire country. With the amount of motorcycles that flood the streets constantly, wandering around the city can take some time to get used to.

Still, the energy and the vibe in the city is something that many tourists still love to experience. There are also plenty of things to try out in Ho Chi Minh including shopping in the Ben Tranh Market, eating street food or delicious meals in gourmet restaurants, visiting the Suoi Tien Amusement Park, temples and pagodas and many more.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam has years of war up in its history and to get a glimpse of how it might have felt back in those days is an experience you definitely have to try. The Cu Chi tunnels are a network of communication tunnels that the Vietcong built during the Vietnam War to hide from the American soldiers. Most of the tunnels have been left as-is although the booby traps have been disabled and the hallways widened a bit for Western tourists.Continue reading

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Things you should know before travelling to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth. It is part of the United States, but lacks some of the things that that mainland states have, like voting (for U.S. President) and representatives in Congress. Other than that, the island is provided most of the privileges that the United States offers



Puerto Rico is called the “Island of Enchantment”, or “La Isla Del Encanto”. The words Puerto Rico mean “rich port” in Spanish. Puerto Rico is comprised of many different islands, with San Juan being the capital and the largest city in Puerto Rico.

Even though the locals there speak Spanish heavily, they also incorporate English into their language. They would have to include English due to the heavy tourist traffic they receive, especially from the U.S. mainland.

If you plan to drive, car rentals are available. The good thing about driving in Puerto Rico is like the U.S. mainland, people drive on the right side of the road. Or, if you’re not too keen on driving here, you can take a taxi where you want to go.

San Juan is nestled in the northern part of Puerto Rico. It is also one of the top ports for cruise ships and tourists destinations in the West Indies. San Juan is split into three areas: Old San Juan, the resort area with beaches and Rio Piedras, which became a part of San Juan in 1951.

San Juan is the major hub for things like sugar refining, petroleum (gas), cement, tobacco and medicine, to name a few. It is also the financial hub for San Juan and their port is always busy with activity. You can find U.S. banks that have corporate offices there.
Old San Juan is one of the most heavily trafficked tourist destinations in San Juan. This area only encompasses seven square blocks and comprises of residential and commercial areas.

Like back in the day, the streets are made of cobble and stone. Most of the buildings have been restored to the way they looked back in the 16th and 17th centuries in Spanish colonial times.

Since the streets are so narrow, the best way to tour this area is to put on your walking shoes. It will take a few days just to soak in the architecture of these buildings.Continue reading

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Selecting The Right Vacation Package

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package for your Caribbean vacation, there are different ones you can select. When speaking with a travel agent about a package deal, make sure that you have all the information available to give them.

The peak season for traveling to the Caribbean is during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. This is usually the time where you can get a great deal on a Caribbean vacation.

Consider the price


Most of the higher priced packages include lots of amenities and discounts for different things. Some of the amenities they include are swimming, tennis, and other sport or recreational activities. If you’re looking for a family-friendly package, those are also available.

Some packages even include casinos, spas and golf. Remember, the more you want to include, the more the package will cost you. However, that can be offset if there is a discount involved.

Prior to agreeing to your selected package, go over everything that you requested with the preparation for your Caribbean Vacation. One of the most important things to look at is the fine print. There may be hidden stipulations or costs that you can easily overlook.

Then when you get the bill, you’re not a happy camper. Even though the package will include the basics, such as hotel, air fare, etc., it’s still a good idea to ask additional questions regarding your package.Continue reading

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How To Prepare For Your Caribbean Vacation

When you get ready to prepare for your Caribbean vacation, there’s quite a bit involved. One of the important things you need to do is to make sure that you are packing the right kind of clothing and accessories. Since you’re going to an island, the weather will be warm


Depending on your party, you should have at least one or two large suitcases and maybe a duffel bag. The larger luggage should be on wheels so they’re easier to transport throughout the airport and the hotel.

If you plan on packing quite a bit of clothing, you should roll it up. This will provide you more space for the other clothes you plan to take with you. It’s always good to take at least a few extra sets of clothing to change in.

People (especially children) are prone to mess up their clothing while they’re playing or eating, etc. The kind of clothing you should pack should be of cooler material. Cotton, khakis and linens would fit the bill.

It can be a mixture of pants, shorts, sundresses, cropped pants, t-shirts, short blouses, etc. Denim clothing would probably be too much for the tropical weather, so you may want to leave it at home. However, you may want to include a jacket or lightweight sweater to take. You may want to wear if you in the hotel or on evenings when it gets cool.
As for toiletries, other than the usual items (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.), you’ll want to pack suntan lotion and insect repellent, for the nature lovers. With shoes, include flip-flops, sandals and walking shoes in the event you are nearby places where you can walk or if you’re up for a walking trail.


Of course, you want to have proof so you can boast of your time on the sandy beaches and clear waters. So bring your camera and put it in your luggage (either check it in or place it in your carry-on bag). Make sure that the camera (especially digital ones) has plenty of cushions so it won’t break or get damaged from exposure of x-ray machines.

It does rain in the Caribbean, but for the most part, their showers are brief. So, you may want to have a lightweight raincoat or jacket so you won’t get drenched. For sanitary and health reasons, if you plan to get adventurous and engage in snorkeling, it’s better to have your own snorkel.

When you pack, try not to over pack. You may have lots of souvenirs or gifts to bring back. Plus, depending on what you bring back, you may be required to declare it as you go through customs.

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10 best things to do in Sedona

Sedona is a very lively place full of beautiful sceneries and complimenting people. Sedona’s attractions are endless and it’s just not a saying but truth. There are a lot of different things you must do in Sedona. The residents and the visitors always remain occupied visiting the happening places in Sedona. Then there are various outdoor activities in which you can take part to observe Sedona cultures here. You can easily spend a number of weeks in Sedona. The best things to do in Sedona include:

1. Visiting attractive places

Natural beauty is in abundance in Sedona but you can also visit the attractive parks, museums, national monuments, art galleries and local wineries. Then you must also pay visit to entertaining festivals like film, art and music festivals. You can also enjoy the performances given by local artists in the theatres.

2. Mountain hiking


Hiking is the common activity among the tourists visiting the place. The places of historical significance and various unique locations are found on height in the city. So, it makes the hiking all the more important.

3. Mountain biking


The bike trails in Sedona has a huge network. Also they keep on adding the new paths time to time. The red rock scenic byway is the newest route available for bike hiking but you have to follow the safety rules to make it a pleasant experience.

4. Recreational activities

Recreational activities like picnicking, camping and fishing also makes for the best thing which you can do in the Sedona. The day-use sites are very popular and are used to do different type of activities. Fishing can be done at the canyon Oak Creek.Continue reading

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Sedona culture, lifestyle and festivities

Sedona may be a small town but there is no gainsaying the fact that it is a city that bursts with a typical big city flavor. It has its share of nightclubs and pubs and the reverberating energy of the place is difficult to be found anywhere else.

Sedona culture


The highlighting feature of Sedona’s lifestyle however lies in its serenity. Somebody has very rightly said that God must have created the famous Grand Canyon but he definitely lives in Sedona. The quality of life that exists in Sedona defies description! It’s so warm, so genuine, so spontaneously flowing…

When you are in Sedona, you can actually feel the aesthetic breeze that turns ordinary people into art lovers. The landscape of this quirky town looks like a marvelous painting that has been colored by an expert artist! Such a surreal setting can bring out the artistic side of just any person!!



The inconspicuous lifestyle and serenity of Sedona has attracted many high-flying people to invest in the town’s property. A whole lot of millionaires and celebrities have invested in the nation’s realty sector and this has made Sedona a somewhat affluent spot. Till some time ago, Sedona was notorious as a town of ‘grey population’ because a majority of the population was made up by retirees. Today however, Sedona boasts of a staggeringly high number of youth. This has also brought about a major change in people’s way of living.Continue reading

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