Saving Leftover Steak: What You Need to Know

Though it’s not usually the case that you are unable to finish your self-made ribeye, but sometimes, you may get overboard and make just more than enough for the family. I bet you won’t want to throw away such costly steaks. Anyways, we’ve come up with a guide to help you keep your steak leftovers fresh until when next you want to enjoy them. Thanks to the reputable Montreal steakhouse; Rib n Reef.

Let’s begin with;

#1: The right way to Store Leftover Steak in the Fridge

When storing your leftover steak, as much as possible, try to retain the natural juices. This is necessary to maintain the flavor and texture of the beef. It is also important to dry them out possibly by keeping air away from the steaks.

To maintain the integrity of your meat, you need the right wrapping technique. A vacuum sealer is perfect if you want to keep air out and the juices locked in. in a case where you cannot afford the machines, you can make use of the freezer paper to wrap each piece of the steak leftover and put in a heavy-duty freezer bag.

You can squeeze out air from the bag using your hands before laying flat in one layer on the refrigerator shelf.

#2: How long you need to keep your Steak Safe to Keep in the Refrigerator

When deciding how safe a leftover is for consumption, most people would rely on their smell and sight senses. Yes, most foods would still look alright even close to a week in the refrigerator. But that’s not the case with steak leftovers.

On the average, your leftover steaks are still good for consumption up to 3 days when you keep them in the fridge using the appropriate storage technique. You can even place them in the freezer if you are not going to eat them within this time frame.

#3: Reheating your Leftover Steak

You should try as much as possible to avoid reheating your leftover steak with the microwave though most people prefer using this method. Why? The microwave can get your beef dried out, taste differently. The integrity, most times, is compromised. You would like to retain same taste and feel you had the first time you prepared your steak, Isn’t it?

Bottom line

It is important that you stick to this guide if you want your steak as fresh as the first time you got them and enjoy to their full potential. Keep to the right storage technique and the best time to take your steak away from storage.