What are the Options of Exploring the Bahamas on Boat

The Bahamas offer an exquisite, breathtaking and picturesque getaway for tourists worldwide due to a wide array of activities that are there on its 16 islands. That is the reason why people throng it in large numbers from December to April. However, at times, getting to the different islands can be an issue. Therefore, while in Bahamas sailing can be a good option so that different places can be visited easily. People can visit the Allan’s Cay, Eleuthera or the Highborne Cay using this option and there are a lot of different vessels to choose from. We will look at some of these options in detail over here.  

The Crewed Catamaran can be an Ideal Option:

The Bahamas catamaran charters are probably the best way to travel around the archipelago. Catamarans can carry up to 16 passengers at a time and are quite spacious vessels. Moreover, the salons are at the same level as the cockpit of the boat and therefore, there will be no problem of ample light entering all the cabins. With a trained crew at disposal that may include expert chefs, a captain, and bartenders, it can be a sort of luxury resort for people traveling in it. There is also a wide range of catamarans starting from 15 feet long to 51 feet long and therefore people may have a wide array of choices.

Crewed Motor Yacht can be Highly Personalized:

A crewed motor yacht for the purpose of Bahamas sailing can start from 50 feet long and can be available till 120 feet in length, depending on a choice. These yachts are available in multiple styles – from traditional yacht to state-of-the-art power yachts so that they can be personalized as per one’s style and privacy. Moreover, they move at high speeds and are two stories high with glass panel cabins on all sides that present it a plush look. They may offer a small but highly efficient crew who fully understand the meaning of guest’s luxury and therefore all amenities are available on it.

A Bareboat Sailboat can also be an Option:

A sailboat charter Bahamas can also be a comfortable option for relaxed cruising for people who want to enjoy every bit of their travel to the islands. One can sail on the Abaco Sea and enjoy the pleasant breeze on this type of vessel. With a sailor in tow, the vessel can be navigated effortlessly while guests enjoy the sun around. There are also ample ways of personalizing a journey by selecting one’s own anchorage point’s destinations, activities and the path – the only requirement in such a case being a good knowledge of navigation and a sailing license.

We can see that there are sufficient options of vessel choices while cruising across the Bahamas. Depending upon one’s need and choices, a boat can be hired and the whole tour can be a thrilling experience of a lifetime.