What is the Average Cost to Install a Shower

Using shower instead of bath is a daily habit of the majority of us as it substantially saves our time, space and water. Recently shower installation has become one of the best projects for a good return on investment. The easiest way to provide a facelift and give a boost to your resale value is to upgrade the fixtures or install ceramic tile in your shower. According to the facts, anaverage shower installation project performed by a professional contractor will cost you at about $2,800. However, some project costs can include demolition, plumbing and tile work plus installation labour.

The main components a shower installation consists of are showerbase, walls (surround), accessories and plumbing.Check over here what component best suits your project.

  • Shower stall is the most convenient choice available in a variety of options ofshapes, sizes and materials. The most common and easiest to install is a prefab unit, 36×36 inches in size ($815 – $930)
  • Shower-baseis constructed with a built-in pan to slope to the drain. Your shower floor can be transformed in a 1-day installation. The main three types (acrylic, ready- made, ready-to-tile and custom) vary in price, starting from $200 and up to $1,500. Besides, you can tryeither in-line shower bases (square, rectangular, two-sided, with or without seat option) or corner shower bases (arc, neo angle, round or wedge) available in different colours and dimensions to suit your shower.
  • Layouts and accessoriesare available in many shapes and sizes. The prices can up from $400 to $1,000 depending on the parameters, the number of users and needs you have (like benches, performance showers, steam or a tub).Have a Zen feel with a wide range of shower-head options. There are numerous other items that are optional but can be also added in your shower installation (from $20 to $2,000)
  • Types of doors is not for all kinds of showers, but the majority of showers use some type of a door. This item of shower installation costs can vary from $100 for a spray panel door to $900 for a frameless or French.
  • Surround provides water resistancefor shower walls. Among many types, the most affordable for installing are porcelain and ceramic tiles in your shower (5- $10/sq.ft.), glass and stone tiles, the most expensive – solid surface and stone slabs ($100/sq.ft.)

As you see, only budget can limit your dearest desires!