What Unusual Things To Do In Munich Besides City Sightseeing?

Munich is an epic place to spend a holiday. There are myriads of things to do in Munich without spending a penny like picnic in the Englischer Garden, surf on the Eisbach, float down Isar River on a raft, sunbathe nude at Schonfeldwiese, climb roof at Olympic Stadium, attend street festival, and more. Many beautiful places are there in this capital city of Bavaria to see like Hofgarten, Residenz Palace, sunset from Olympiaberg, French Style gardens of Schloss Nymphenberg Palace, Munich Botanical garden, and best old town view from St. Peters Bell Tower.

Munich boasts the largest science & tech Deustches Museum and you can learn Nazi side history at NS-Dokumentationszentrum. Beer history can be learnt at the Oktobefest Museum and there is the Bavarian National Museum, Glypothek, Alte & Neue, etc. where history buffs get a peek in the past, present and future. Foodies also get good opportunities to try some best savories like a giant schnitzel [big enough for 5 people], giant pretzel, some uncertain flavored ice cream [Augustiner, champagne, sauerkraut], Schweinshaxe, and shop for fresh local food.

Beer culture can be enjoyed in several ways like attend beer festival, enjoy sunset with beer at Seehaus, visit Hirschgarten to taste beer and watch the deer, and join beer & wine tasting tours. Shopping lovers can look for deals at many flea markets or window shop at upmarket street Maximilianstrasse, stroll down Kaufingerstrasse, browse the boutiques at Turkenstrasse + Schellingstrasse and for magical shopping visit Christmas Markets.

Besides all these there are lots of quirky things to see and do in Munich. You must never miss them out. Participating in organized and guided tour is a good idea but getting to know Munich’s other side can be challenging and adventurous.

Check the unusual side of Munich

Pay homage to Michael Jackson Memorial

Behind Bayerischer Hof, a luxury hotel there is a statue of Orlande de Lassus, a Renaissance composer. You will find that this whole monument is dedicated to King of Pop Michael Jackson by his passionate German fans. You will see fresh flowers, candles and images of Michael Jackson plastered on the statue. It has been in this way since 2009, the year when Jackson died.

Marvel the Infinite Staircase

Umschreibung is located in KPMG building courtyard. This art piece is known as stairway to nowhere. The sculpture comprises of steel staircase winding up to a height of 9 m and is in double helix shape that resembles a roller-coaster. What the sculpture was thinking is unknown but people assume that it signifies anything that goes up needs to come down.

Enjoy dinner on the super coach

Dinner Hopping offers best dinner tour with 3 meal course. You can get options like American-style, Italian-style, and Bavarian-style dinner treats. You can cruise the town in a classic yellow super coach and enjoy delicious meals, selected drinks, exclusive service, warming ambiance, and perfect service.

Slide several storeys at TUM

At Garching campus the mode of transport at the Tech University are massive slides, which get you on the ground floor in style and speed.

Walk along gold-laced steps in Viscardigasse

In this alley, cobblestones are gold-laced to pay respect to protestors who walked on this route against Nazi Party. Feldherrnhalle, which is close by was declared as National Landmark after Nazi party came in power. Passersby had to do Nazi salute, when they passed it. Viscardigasse offered a route for those who disapproved to do it.

Student village for street art

Olympiadorf is a cool student residence region holding many small cube houses, which are termed as home. Students are given freedom to paint the exterior in any way they desire. You will find tons of remarkable colorful painted artwork full of laughs and signs to pop culture.

Munich is vibrant city for every kind of local and foreign travellers. People looking for a little touch of fun on their trip need to visit to gain more information about eccentric tours.