Why North Wales Is the Perfect Location for an Outdoor Adventure Holiday.

Outdoor Activities in North Wales: Adventure. Forests. Ocean. Mountains. Epic.

These words all come to mind when considering the wonderful region of North Wales. Ibn order to give you the very best experience possible, we have decided to give you a list of the best and unmissable outdoor activities in North Wales.

Climb the mountains of Snowdonia

Snowdonia is famous the whole world over for having some of the most amazing mountains on the planet. Not only that but they are supremely accessible and suitable for all levels of climber. The titular mountain of Snowdon, for one has paths which are a nice ramble for example the pyg path – and conversely aslos has the likes of Crib Goch which has a knife ridge, famously exhilarating experience to scramble upon – with incredible views to each side.

Ride the Rapids of the Welsh Rivers

Rib Ride feature a fantastic opportunity to ride the rushing welsh waters down a powerful torrent which provides one with a great wet and rip-roaring good time. The professionals at Rib Ride will see you right in providing a fun and safe trip down the rapids.

Adventure through the Woodlands

North Wales is home to a great many ancient and dense woodlands which are a famous place to venture to. The likes of Gwydyr Forest Park is one of the biggest expenses of woodland in the whole of Wales, it provides a beautiful woodland swathes that goes for miles and miles.

Relax by the Lakeside

OK It can’t all be go go go, there are some lovely lakes which , yes you can do some outdoor adventure sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, and walking around the lake, but equally you can go here to chill out! On a nice sunny day, grab a pair of deckchairs (or camping chair) refreshments of your choice and R.E.L.A.X.

Battle It out in Paintball

“I love the smell of paintballs in the morning”. Paintball is an extremely fun outdoor adventure sport in which two teams are pitted one against another. Both armed to the teeth with weapons which fire small but precise capsules of paint. This is usually a point based game and if you are shot then you are out, so it’s a battle of strategy, skill and wits to try and defeat the opposing team. Let’s hope that you not bring those you trust most along for the fun, as this means business!!

Survive in the Wilds

Bear Grylls survival camp provides you with the lessons to survive in the wild thanks to expert instruction on the arts of bush crafts which have been perfected over the years. We all know Bear Grylls of television survival fame, who has creative control over this amazing venture – and this man knows a thing or two about survival – the man is a born survivor!